Light commercial vehicle and car repairs across Newport

Experiencing mystery issues with your car or light commercial vehicle, or have you already identified the culprit? Book your vehicle in for a check with the experienced Isle of Wight mechanics at James Garage Services in Newport. We provide reliable electrical and mechanical repairs for cars and light commercial vehicles, encompassing everything from brake repairs to clutch replacements and more.

Mechanical repairs

Faults and breakdowns never come at a good time, so we understand that you want fast and reliable mechanical repairs. Our mechanics are here to help with all enquiries, including advising on the best approach to fix problems big and small. Our expertise includes general repairs, brake repair, clutch replacement and much more. We ensure that the core components of your car are functioning at their best for optimal safety and performance when you’re on the road.

Electrical repairs

Modern cars are as much electronics as they are mechanics, so ensuring your electrical components are working properly is essential. At James Garage Services in Newport, we’re able to provide quality electrical diagnosis and car repair services to minimise your downtime. If you suspect an electrical fault, or a concerning light in your car is illuminated, book in with our expert mechanics.

Car and van repairs

With extensive experience of providing mechanical and electrical repairs in Newport, we’re able to work on both cars and light commercial vehicles. Our mechanics understand the ins and outs of car and van repairs, providing you with comprehensive services to get you back on the road. Regardless of your vehicle's purpose, from private to commercial use, our mechanics have you covered.

In need of reliable repairs? Call 01983 521 010

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