Car tyres and wheel services in Newport

Your vehicle is a blend of numerous key components, working in unison to get you where you need to be safely. In addition to engines, clutches and brakes, your car tyres and steering wheel need to be carefully monitored. Excessive tyre wear or unaligned and unbalanced wheels can cause inconveniences, increase your risk of an accident and speed up the wear of your vehicle. At James Garage Services, our Newport and Isle of Wight professionals assist with new car tyres, and wheel alignment and balancing for cars and light commercial vehicles.

New car tyres

We stock an extensive selection of new tyres to suit cars and light commercial vehicles. We’re able to advise on the most appropriate tyres for your vehicle type and your usage habits. Let our professional Newport team guide you through our range of tyres to find the perfect set for your needs and your budget.

Wheel alignment and balancing

Unaligned and unbalanced wheels can cause inconsistent steering and tyre wear. Common symptoms of an unaligned wheel include drifting and an irregular steering feel. Whereas wheel balancing issues can appear as vibrations in your wheel, seat or floor. At James Garage Services, we provide quality four-wheel alignment and wheel balancing services to safeguard the safety and functionality of your vehicle. Reduce unnecessary wear and damage by bringing your vehicle in for a service with us.

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